The Christmas Trail: A Review

Do you have tinsel on the mind? Do Christmas Lights haunt your dreams? If so, then do we have the place for you to go! The Christmas Trail, now open in Plant City, will give you the dose of Christmas Spirit you may be lacking this season! This family operation has been a vision that mastermind Zach Glaros started to bring to life when he was just 13 years old decorating his own home. Back then he would have to wave people onto his block to see his display, but now people are literally lining up in droves to experience his Christmas cheer which has now been manifested into a huge magical experience.

Upon arrival you will walk through the gate and see a beautiful stringed light Christmas Tree, which on the quarter of every hour plays music as the lights dance along. Around it you will be walking around a brightly lit Christmas Square, with entrances to three different lighting experiences. The Christmas Light Walking Trail, Walk to Bethlehem Light Maze, and the Santa Claus experience. Each worth a stroll, each with hidden gems hidden around every corner. Including an audience with Mr. and Mrs. Claus themselves! Jack Frost's Castle has a live performance every half hour, including a snowy surprise, christmas characters walk about interacting with patrons, as well as a musical puppeteer who performs between the tree and Jacks performances. There is an escape room challenge, wares to peruse and purchase and an adorable little outdoor cafe with hot cocoa, hot dogs, popcorn and marshmallows to roast over a fire pit all available to purchase.

Even though the hot coco was admittingly amazing, there was something unseen that made me warm inside. You know at the end of EVERY hallmark Christmas movie, where everyone for the last five minutes are completely happy and filled with the spirit of the season, that's how I would describe The Christmas Trail. There is just one big difference, that feeling did not just last five minutes, it was the entire time we were there, it was the ride home singing christmas carols, it was there as we were getting ready for bed, and its with me now as I am writing this article. Everywhere I looked I saw shining eyes filled with wonderment as children ran around laughing, partners holding hands as they strolled through the grounds, sons hugging their fathers, if I wasn’t so damn touched I’d make a joke about it. We know this year is different, in so many ways, but it was just so amazing to leave it behind for a few moments and enjoy a safe space filled with holiday cheer with my family. It was truly a gift.

The Christmas Trail is an outdoor experience, with only the Escape room being enclosed, however the venue is all about covid safety precautions so masks are required to enter and they must stay on unless of course you are eating. There are plenty of sanitizing stations, and employees are all around making sure that the trails and show are socially distant. The tickets are timed so that it is never overly crowded, making it not only safe but an enjoyable experience. Tickets are $15 per car, and you buy them online at THIS LINK, before you go. That fifteen dollars covers everyone in your car, and man is that a real bargain! The Show runs until December 23rd so make sure you buy your tickets now because they will sell out!

Thank you so much to the Folks at The Christmas Trail for inviting us to enjoy your Seasonal Sensation! The tickets may have been comped but our opinion is filled with the pure Christmas Joy that we experienced during our visit!


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