Sims 4 Paranormal Pack: Reviewed

I love The Sims franchise. You get to play with virtual customized dolls in customized doll houses well into your adult years and no one can call you out on it. The Sims 4 especially have exceeded my expectations and have as of late been upping their game (literally) when it comes to add on content. Their newest addition Paranormal Pack ($9.99) which was released on Jan. 26th has had me super excited since it was announced. For Sims OG fans, I think we can all come together and collectively call it the “Return of Bonehilda”. YAY!

The pack itself seems a little lack luster when you download it. Only one little house, very few clothing options (especially for the men) and the furniture is hauntingly beautiful but also limited. There are no new traits, or aspirations, which really surprised me because even the Knitting pack (which I am in LOVE with as avid crocheter myself) had it as an aspiration. Moving on I created my family, a witch, a vampire, and an alien, because ya know why not, started playing and nothing happened.... hmmm.

*****Important Piece of information CRUCIAL for game play (Get ready) In order to activate the haunted house, you need to change the kind of residential lot the house sits on. There I just fixed your game in one sentence. This is not a lot trait, you have to change the lot characteristic itself, which means it is only a haunted house, not a haunted tiny house etc, etc, which is a shame, but as the haunting of the lot kind of takes over the whole experience of the game play, it does make sense. Ok moving on.

Once my home is officially haunted, I fell in love, what can I say. The soundtrack is its usually lively self, but also includes children laughing, creepy sonatas, as well as creeks and creepy noises that are random and amazing. Lights will flicker, or turn off completely, you can even enjoy jump scares, that actually make you flinch. All of which make this a truly immersive aspect of the game that I did not expect and enjoyed.

Once it is dark out, you will see the specters floating around the lot, they are adorable, but there are limited interactions. Others have dismissed them as non-essential I disagree. These little guys can affect your sims mood in a positive or negative way. Your sim can give them gifts in hopes they will leave

useful tools and artifacts. The best way to get something is by giving them a gift, they like something with a personal... even a little bit of your soul…. I shudder at the thought, but a knitted beanie or painting works just as well. You can also attempt to communicate with them, but a bad interaction will have a negative effect on your sims moods, however if you have a good interaction with them you will become all sparkly and have a little pep in your step, it seems your sim is also a little less scared of the hauntings in the house as well. The Spector’s just like the ghosts are also color coded, green good, red bad, blue sad and the yellow make you feel a tad uncomfortable. If you use these guys wisely you can change your gameplay for better or worse, plus did I mention the are cute?

Speaking of moods, the addition of scared and terrified moods are a game changer literally! The facial and body language reactions to these new emotions are very well animated. The reaction of panic poop from a scared Sim was something I never knew I needed in my life. I laughed my butt off. Sims are also more prone to slip and fall when they are scared and jump at nothing, it is great addition albeit it a little hard to calm them down. This was in the latest update of the game so you will have these emotions even if you do not have the pack.

We also made a new acquaintance, a ghost named Guidry, who is your guide to the Paranormal. Talking to him is key in getting your Paranormal Investigator career rolling as well as getting an interactive tutorial of what and how's of what is happening in your house! He should appear after 9pm simmish time and will hang around for the rest of the night. The communications with him change as your moods do. So if you talk to him when your Sim is terrified he maybe able to help you calm down, if you are calm he may give some advice you may not of known you were looking for. If you are flirty, well look out G is already in the Valentines Day spirit if you know what I mean. Even before he appears you should have your séance table at the ready and start to level up your new medium skill, but if you didn’t buy one already now is the time Interact with the table as many times as needed to level up your sim, but beware some actions will wear your sims out. Once you reach level three of the medium skill you will be able to talk to him about becoming a paranormal investigator. ****Another important piece of information!****This Job is also not easily addressed in the pack. Not only will G need to tell you that you are ready, you will also have to look under the freelancer jobs to acquire the title officially. I do not understand why they are hiding all these things but there we go I saved you another ten to twenty minutes depending on how tired you are.

Another huge thing happens when you hit level three of the medium ability is that BONDHILDA IS IN THE HOUSE!!! Yes, our favorite skeleton maid who loves to do dishes and break hearts appears for a couple hours after being summoned to hang around with the living. I hope the people at EA will fix the limitations of Boney with the next update as she should really be able to stay around all the time, to include her just for a couple hour stint is silly, and a lot of the fandom is pissed about it, but I will end my gripping there.

Once you are a Paranormal Investigator your fear level will be more manageable, and you will be able to stop on all the creepy doll heads that pop up, clean up the ghost slime and creepy from the beyond vegetations that pop up on your property with relative ease. You will go around to other haunted lots and help others by holding seances and be a all-in-one Ghost Buster of sorts. Yes, you will be skillfully prepared, but will you be emotionally ready when SHE COMES FOR YOU… Who is she? How do you get rid of her? What does she want with you? Well, we can’t give everything away, download the pack and play yourself, its well worth the $10.

All opinions are our own, we love the sims and have no problem complaining and complimenting the franchise. Thank you!


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