Need To Know: When Visiting Disney


If you are coming out of your Covid cocoons and putting  on your coveted Mickey ears,  I have all the need to know info for your first trip back to the mouse’s house! 

        Park Hours (Starting Sept 8th)

          Magic Kingdom: 9am-6pm

          Hollywood Studios: 10am-7pm

          Epcot:  10am-7pm

          Animal Kingdom: 9am-5pm

          Downtown Disney: 10am-10pm

    *You will need a valid park ticket as well as a park reservation via the official Disney Park Reservation System. This can be done by using the Disney Experience app or on the official website.

     *Park hopping for now, is a thing of the past.  One day one park only.

      *Before the security check you will get a temperature check. If your temperature is 100.4 or higher you will be asked to step aside and see if you cool down, before giving it another go. 

  * Masks have been a cause for local debate, but not at Disney!  You will be expected at all times to be wearing the Disney approved three ply earloop only masks. These cannot have vents valves, or sly straw sipping holes. You will not be allowed to take your mask off unless you are in a cooling area a resturant or other approved eating area. This also means there is no walking and eating, or (gasps) drinking around the world at Epcot! 

           Parades, fireworks and character interactions have been suspended. However, don’t be surprised if you see floats, motorcades or character  apperances around the following routes:

                 Magic Kingdom: Parade Route

                 Animal Kingdom: Water Ways

                 Epcot: The World Showcase Promenade

                  Hollywood Studios: Hollywood Boulevard 

While It may look and feel different (talk about sweating) if you are a Disney lover I am sure that there is magic awaiting you at the happiest place on earth!  Enjoy every minute of it!


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