Monster Truck Championship Available On Switch

Let me ask you a couple of questions, do you and your family love Monster Trucks? Do they love simulation games? Do they enjoy some fun competition? If the answer is yes you are going to love Monster Truck Championship, available now on the Nintendo Switch!

There is something so pure about the love of Monster Trucks, it can turn anyone instantly to acting a fool, or as innocent as a child. When that giant machine comes racing into the stadium, the crowd cheering, the tricks, the jumps, the character of the machine itself. It's all of these things combined that make this game a real treat for the average fan.

With highly realistic graphics, you will go against other competitors in drag races and freestyle competitions! However what makes this game stand out compared to other racing games is the work you must do to your truck before it is race ready. The game simulates the fine tuning that you would need to do in order to perform all the tricks, wheel management and transfer anticipation. It is actually pretty intense! Add those aspects to the fact that you will be able to choose between 18 different monster trucks, that are completely customizable, running through 25 unique arenas, and a very sound online multiplayer mode where you can play with upto 7 local consoles. What truly makes the grade for me is the actual handing of the trucks during the game play. It is very realistic and transfers the complexities of actually driving in a fun, yet challenging way, with independent rear wheel handling, you really need to have a talent for maneuvering the bulk of the machine throughout the game.

Monster Truck Championship will be a limited release for the hard copy- so if you are into collecting the boxes, make sure to head to the store asap to grab your copy, however it will be in the e-shop for digital download so do not worry about it selling out, just make sure it is pre installed in your little (or big) guys or gals switch before they wake up on christmas morning!


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