Love In Every Bite, Vena CBD Chocolate

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and this year we need not only romance but RELAXATION. Might I suggest CBD infused chocolates? I swear it will be love at first bite. Now that I just put the idea in your head, you may ask “Where would one find the best brand of these magical chocolates?” Let me introduce Vena CBD.

Vena CBD is the love child of Eddie & Tamra Judge, if that name rings a bell to you, you may be just as surprised as I was, and for those not in the loop, Tamra and Eddie are both OG Housewives (and Husband) of Orange county. While watching their lives via my T.V. screen you learned that the couple has a commitment to inspire and live healthy lives, both physically and mentally. A life’s motto that has transferred over to their brand. Using the best ingredients available Vena is more than just chocolate, they have tinctures balms and even a pet line. I am especially interested in the lotions which will be my next purchase, but I digress.

The Milk Chocolate and Toffee Crumble Chocolates are absolutely delish. The perfect balance between milk chocolate and crumble that lets you enjoy all the flavors individually as well as the smooth finish of the combination. These decadent chocolates are individually wrapped, hold 25mg of CBD per Chocolate Square (250mg CBD Isolate per Bag) and have zero THC. The flavor itself might be enough for me to recommend the brand, but the calming effects afterward even more so.

I like to take a moment, between childcare, BREAKING NEWS interruptions', cleaning, cooking, and writing, I know I need one. I make myself a tea and indulge in a half of a square of Vena Chocolate. It has literally become a ritual. At 3:25 pm, I sit outside, phone off, enjoying my view and my treat. Sometimes that’s all you need, only a moments reprise, but the bonus of enjoying a Vena chocolate is the lingering sense of calm that stays with me for I'd say at minimum 2 hours afterwards. My mind gets clear, and I walk back into my house or home office with a pep in my step, ready for whatever else the day brings. That folks is the biggest compliment I can give.

We were given this product to review, but I have to tell you I have bought four bags for friends, I am 100 percent behind this brand and I have other items coming that I have high (hehe) hopes of being just as amazing as this chocolate. I may even try the doggie treats out….I mean on the dog of course! Thank you Vena for saving my day- everyday, and for the amazing introductions to your brand!

Buy your own Vena products by visiting their site!


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