Laser X Revolution: A Review

Picture this, Florida 2020, you and your family have been stuck at home for months. Tensions are running high, as the climate in the household are reaching new levels of “too hot to handle”. Something needs to be done. So enters the Laser X Revolution- the #1 at home Laser tag system on the planet.

Sally and Johnny are fighting again- politics have ruined yet another family(social distant) gathering, guess what? We have enough lasers for the whole family, take it to the field and fight it out- laser tag style. Made for ages six and up, the Laser X revolution is a great solution for unending debates, family squabbles and a good old fashion run amuck afternoon. This is the toy we have all been looking for guys!

Laser X is good for both indoors and outdoors and works well in both sunlight and indoor light- something that A LOT of other at home laser tag guns do have an issue with (this is my third review on these types of toys). The Blasters also have a range of up to 300 feet, which is not only terribly impressive but also amazing for social distanced play. The beams also bounce off windows, and mirrors (yes they actually do, we tested it- videos eventually to follow) giving you even more ways to strategically destroy your friends and family (in the game of course)

This set has everything you need for two players; two laser guns and two vests. You will also need 6 AAA batteries which are NOT included. Designed for ages 6 and up, the lasers measure 6 inches high and 10 1/2 inches long, making them easy to grip. But you can add additional blasters and sets to optimize and customize your experience for your family.

Literally the best at home Laser Tag experience we have had and was such a treat to review! Thank you Laser X for sending these over for us to experience!

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