Jurassic Quest: The Drive Thru

"You will have a Dino-Mite time!" Xander aged 10

This Past weekend, we were invited to try out the Jurasic Quest: Drive Through experience which is being held now through January 10th at Tropicana Field. We were more than happy to oblige , as a this exhibit was sure to be a sight for saur eyes (see what I Did there) . With our timed enter ticket and the link to the audio tour on hand, we headed to a simpler time. Where politics and pandemics not longer roamed the earth- just giant

lizard birds, and boy was it refreshing!

The audio guide had a cast of care taking comedians ( I mean I am sure they didn't really loose the T-rex right? That was just a joke). That provided a comical yet educational commentary on the gigantious Dino's you were touring. Each exhibit was timed just right that you had enough time to really appreciate each sculpture, whether it be animatronic or stationary all the dinosaurs were full sized in all their gargantuan glory. Detailed from the tip of their nose to the bottom of their tails in the precise physical representation of what scientist believe these reptilian mammoths looked like all those moons ago. If you didn't know better you would really believe they were alive ( the laughing and screams of some of the younger children from other cars gave us enough information that some kids did believe so!) We left the experience feeling lighter from laughter, and merriment which is exactly how you should feel when leaving an experience such as this.

Some things that do need to be noted, this is completely contactless, you stay in your car for the whole experience, including the line to the event itself. It was about an hour wait until our tickets were scanned so be prepared with food drinks and entertainment if your kiddos need that. There are portable restrooms, however the washing station we went too was out of water so bring wipes purrel etc and you do need to wear a mask when going to them. You do not get out of the car for anything else, including the gift shop at the end or any experiences you may have paid for. We went purposefully at night, as we felt the dino's would be lit up in all their glory and were not disappointed, except in the fact that I did not see any one on one dino experiences happening or up for purchase so just keep that in mind when buying your ticket.

Tickets for this kind of an event do go fast, so if you think this is something you may want to do please plan accordingly as it is a limited run!

Our family thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I definitely recommend it for your family as well. We were provided tickets however all opinion's as always are our own. My kid said it the best when at the end of our tour with a smile on his face said to me "this was a good time" . We all need a good time these days, especially the kiddos and I believe this event will provide you with one. To purchase your own tickets please go directly to the Jurassic Quest website.


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