I'm Sudsy And I Know It

When I moved here two years ago, I could have never imagined the amount of pure talent that flows through the streets of Lakeland. It’s tremendous. One creator that I encountered is the owner of Jolene’s Art Studio, Jolene herself. Jolene moved to Lakeland Five years ago, and has brought with her a very successful business selling artisan soap made. Her soap is made with goats milk, and molded into delectable designs, creatively crafted so it appeals to the eye, nose and skin.

Jolene, who originates from Utah, started making soap ten years ago, after her second oldest child suffered from dry skin during the cold winters. Searching the stores for a product that would help the skin heal instead of just covering up the symptoms she decided the only way she was going to get what she needed- was to make it herself. Through trial and error, Jolene found that goat milk was the solution to her skins problem. The Goat milk blend of soap that Jolene creates in her workshop, has a silky-

smooth lather which helps retain moisture on the skin. Not only leaving your skin feeling smooth, but also keeping it moisturized. To accomplish the perfect bar, all her ingredients are heated to approx. 165 degrees, from there it is mixed until smooth, colors and fragrances are added until she gets just the right blend. After making these products for the last ten years Jolene has learned at least one thing, soap has a mind of its own. “It’s so fun to create and feel like a scientist at the same time.”

When I asked Jolene why she was so passionate about soap making, as it was clear that this may have started as trying to get her sons skin condition under control, it has certainly turned into to a true passion, her response was heartwarming.

“I came to realize that soap doesn’t have to be just something you use to clean yourself. This is something that people use every day. They buy my soap because the pattern I created made them smile, or because I mixed certain scents that may remind them of a special person, a memory, a place that they love. I get to give someone a moment, even if its brief, in their day where they interact with something that they simply enjoy. I am so lucky to be able to do that.”

I personally use Jolene’s soaps every day. I have bought many a mermaid tail, and Santa’s Coal as Christmas gifts for both children and adults. Her White Birch bar is by far my favorite in her line. While I thoroughly enjoy it, I have also noticed some significant benefits. My skin is noticeably less oily, I am also less prone to breakouts since I have started using it almost a year ago. I have changed nothing other than adding her goat milk soap to my routine.

The hand painted bars are so beautiful I almost want to frame them instead of wash with them, but what a waste that would be! I love sending a bar in my care packages to my family, birthday presents, and stocking stuffers. There is not one bar that I would not buy for myself or someone else. Look at her site, I dare you to not be tempted into buying a bar, or seven for yourself as well as everyone you know.

Jolene is now back to participating in the First Friday Events in Downtown Lakeland, and has soaps stocked at Ridge Island Grove in Hanies City, as well as selling direct from her website.

*After purchasing Jolene’s Soap, I now have a personal relationship with the artist, however that does not affect my opinion on her product. I don’t usually give my friends so much money.


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