Have an AX-Citing Time at Ax-Caliber

I think it is safe to say that my family took this pandemic very seriously. We followed all the rules, we did our part. So, the minute we could safely go out into the world once again I thought it was pretty fitting that my husband and I went to Axe-Caliber here in Lakeland. What better way to end a year full of odd emotions, than going somewhere to throw sharp things at a wall. What I was not expecting was that Axe-Caliber is more than just a trendy Axe

Throwing joint. It is also a high-quality coffee shop, a fully stocked restaurant that serves breakfast lunch and dinner, as well as bar- it literally has it all. Holding 14 lanes for ax throwing, it also has two pool tables, Flat Screens for the sports, as well as tabletop

games like Jenga spread about.

Walking into the venue, you get wafts of coffee, food, and wood, with a visual of a very high-quality warehouse décor. It has a minimalist vibe to it that gives you a feeling of warmth and welcome that is extremely hard to achieve to be honest. I really have not seen a place quite like it especially in the downtown area. The tables are spotless as are the floors. There is hand sanitizer available everywhere, everyone is wearing a mask and you are immediately greeted by someone behind the counter. For first impressions, you cannot ask for more,

The minute I walked through that door I had my mind set on going right to the axe throwing area. So that is where we went! We were greeted by the Axe Specialists, signed a waver, changed our open toe shoes to Crocks provided by the establishment, and headed to our very first ax throwing lesson by none other but the infamous AXiaL. Yes this firecracker of an employee is really named Axial, and he was fantastic! He says they hired him for his name, but he has real talent, not only at ax throwing- but as a teacher and entertainer. His instructions were clear, he was supportive and fun, when you guys read this, over there at Ax Caliber, make sure you give this guy a fair shake. He single handedly made our experience a thousand times more interesting with his wit and blade throwing wisdom.

Axial was with us through our entire lesson, where I learned that ax throwing is a lot like playing darts- except your target is bigger and throwing axes is a lot more fun. We played a bunch of fun games where we learned through trial and error which way worked best for my husband and I to throw the ax. My husband did it one handed while I was more of a two handed over the head girl. Our favorite game was Sinking the Submarine. Where you placed three Submarine targets on the boards, and you need to aim and cut through the paper to sink the ship. It was both a challenge and a lot of fun because you would think you cut that dang paper 100 percent, and then you would see you did not even get a small slice.

After our hour-long lesson, we headed to get some food. We ordered the pork sandwich, boneless wings, and a giant pretzel with beer cheese at the counter, then took our table number and sat down. The food was brought out to us and it was a true pleasure to have. Everything was cooked perfectly, flavorful, presented with perfection in mind. We went there not long after our first visit just to eat, it was that good.

I find it hard to say, “Well this is my favorite place in Lakeland” because there are so many places around here where you can have a great time, no matter what you would like to do.. But I am going to go on record and say if I had to pick one place to go to every date night, this would be the one.

For all the details go to their officially awesome website

*This review was conducted without the knowledge of the venue; no goods or services were exchanged all views are my own.


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