Crayola Experience At Home!

With numbers on the rise all over the country it is apparent that we need more indoor at home activities to keep our littles occupied and their minds moving! Crayola has come to the rescue again with their Crayola Experience at Home! You may not be able to get to the actual Crayola Experience store front, but with this really amazing kit you can now have colorful fun delivered to your doorstep!

The kit includes absolutely everything you need to do a series of 7 themed guided projects, including a hunt to find Granny Smith's missing recipe in our Scavenger Hunt Trip, and Fill out your passport with stops as you travel "around the world" during our Holiday Passport Trip! ( Order by the 15th to get by the holiday!)

Along with all the supplies you will get a link to the 3 hour guided instructional video with your host Jazzie the Crayon! She will take you to each project and give instructions, introduce guest crayons, and add colorful (literally) commentary along the way. This really gives you the feeling of leaving your kitchen table and immersing you in the experience itself.

You can make a whole afternoon of it, or do what we did and break it up in parts. We received the holiday edition, and traveled around the world doing different countries native holiday crafts. The animation was simple but perfect, the content was appropriate and entertaining, and honestly we were in love with the festive music they played while you were doing the assigned project. I also enjoyed how the projects were not overly complex. The concept of each project was simple and direct, but could be done by children of any age. Leaving the door open for them to

create a more simplistic project or complex depending on their level of experience, patience, and personality. It is exactly what an art project should be, subjective to their audience!

Honestly I am a huge fan of most of the things Crayola comes out with, but this is just so right for this time in our collective worlds. It brings you out of your house while still sitting in it in a fun and innovative way, that is also simple. Great present for the holidays, or as an activity for the upcoming vacations that have now turned to staycations. This kit will bring a little bit of magic into your home and is well worth the $24.99 (per participant) that it costs. If you would like to see our unboxing video, and our video of our first project we completed, click the highlighted words!

Crayola Fun Delivered to Your Doorstep!

Buy Now For $24.99 (for each person, one kit is one person so if you have two kids you need two kits) (+ $8 shipping) No worries there are discounts available!

  • Buying 4+ kits? Get 10% OFF each when you enter "MORECOLOR" at checkout!

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