Can I Get My Disney Annual Passes Now... Please?

Moving to Lakeland had many benefits, one of them was being so close to the House of mouse, whom we love very much. When the pandemic hit, we like the rest of the world could not believe that the most magical place on earth put the shudders down on Cinderellas Castle and sat in wait for this plague to move along. It didn't. Disney opened and we, proud passholders opted to continue our passes, so of course Disney refunded us... Hmmm.. Ok. We have tried to get our passes back almost a year, and I have to tell ya, its getting to us.

We are so very thankful that we made it through this trying time with as little loss as we can hope for, it really does seem silly to be calling, begging pleading to get our Annual Passes Back. So entitled, so.. I don't know selfish, when you see what else is going on in the world. However, my husband and son do not ask for much. This is the one thing that both my men have that make them smile. For so long smiles were forced, or forged with very little joy behind them. I don't think it is too much to ask to ask a multimillion dollar corporation to undue a mistake, even if its a year later. Right?

Well ya know what I will deal with this internal battle of entitlement vs. making my family happy and I will publish the letter that I have emailed to every person on every board in the Disney Corporation. Asking them simply.. To let me spend my money. I'll keep you updated on how it turns out. So far I have spoken to some very confused Administrative Assistance, and a couple of annoyed cast member's. But also listened to some killer Hold music as well. Lets see where this goes.

" May 12, 2021

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Maureen, and I am inconsequential. I, like many others have been privileged in surviving this pandemic with minimal damage financially, and although we were hit personally in some ways we know we are amazingly blessed. I wanted to start out with that sentence because I do not want this letter to come off as some sort of entitled request. Will I be reaching? 100 percent, will you keep hearing from me? Also, 100 percent, but there are reasons for that as well.

My name is Maureen, and I am a wife of the most caring husband that I could ask for. He does everything for his family, and you know what he loves Disney. He proposed to me at Disney, we had our one-year anniversary at Disney, He was that crazy guy with an r2d2 mickey ear hat toting around our kiddo who had melted Mickey Mouse ice cream all over his mouth to make sure we hit every ride as I sipped a diet coke waving them on ahead. He is THAT guy. We literally moved closer to Disney so we can be annual pass holders and go to Disney anytime he wants. He is that guy. This man, this lovely silly man suffered losses this year, as many have, that makes him need his Disney Magic. Some guys go out to play golf this guy likes to spend all his cash on your property. He needs to walk into Galaxies Edge and get a Blue milk, he needs to see Mickey and Minnie at the Entrance gate. He needs this kind of “win”, for lack of a better word. I am his wife, and I will do whatever I can do get that for him, because he gets me everything, I need by just being my husband.

My name is Maureen, and I am the mother of a child who has struggled this pandemic. We moved to Lakeland Fl two years ago and were just getting our feet on the ground when the pandemic hit. My son was making friends, getting into the groove of school and missing New York less and less. Then schools shut down, we had to be cautious because of certain medical issues, we were afraid and scared with the rest of the world. He has been doing the eschooling and finally the kids have started coming out to play and he is socializing more. Slowly but surely, he is becoming more of a kid and less of an anxious young man. He needs to go to Disney. Disney was where we went during our first year here. We went every week sometimes twice you took all our money- and it was a consistent in our new world. It became like a second home. My son needs to get back there. We need to be able to go (via a reservation now but still) and eat a hotdog at Casey's, get ice cream all over his mouth, hell I think I'll even buy him the kitchen sink. He needs to walk about in magical lands and shake off some of what this year has done.

My name is Maureen, and I do not give up easily. My love of Disney is not only the place itself, which of course is amazing, but watching these two knuckleheads. We need this back. They need to smile again.

I am telling you these things, not because we are special. We are not. There are many more who have suffered more, there are many other people in the same boat as us. I am just giving you some background as to why I am emailing every person I can, every board member, the CEO’s of every branch of this company, and putting this letter on my website. It’s simple, I like my family that much, and for that I know I am blessed. Now to the meat of the problem.

As I have explained multiple times to many cast members since last August. We never wanted to cancel our passes. We wanted to continue our membership. You guys then proceeded to refund us. Which was just kind of funny really. So, we called back, we explained the situation, and we were supposed to be put back in the system... We were not. So, I called back, and I called back, and I called back. No one picked up I waited for hours. Hey, it was new to all of us, no problem I’ll try again later. I called in October and was bluntly said no and hung up on. Ok, so a bad apple in a bunch, again the long wait times. This continues until I have kind of had it and took a break calling you guys. Called back in December, the cast member on the other end literally started crying because she thought I was going to start yelling at her, which I was not, it's not her fault, it's not really anyone's fault on the other side of the phone, the computer system will only let you do so much.

This brings us too today. I have been patient, I have tried for what will be a year in a couple months to renew my Florida Resident Annual Pass, so I decided to try again, just differently. I will be continuing to call and email for however long I must, but I would like to give my family this gift for Father's Day, reunited with our home. I am not asking for you guys to make an exception-something that one of your cast members did accuse me of. I am just asking for you to fix a mistake that happened during the craziness of 2020. We were Passholders, we would still be passholders if for whatever reason you had not refunded our money instead of renewing. If I would have known that this would be a seven-month process I would have waited the eight or so hours on hold every day, I would have made sure I got these two loves of my lives their passes to their happiest place on earth.

So, once again here I am asking to renew our passes. Our account is under .com

The members on the passes are M A, MA, and A A . We would like to do the Silver Pass, with the April, December and I think July blackout dates (I can’t find it online anymore) We use to have the pass that gave you everything but waterparks. I will not press you for the 30 percent off renewal discount that we were supposed to get before you cancelled our passes, but I mean I did just write two pages pleading with you to allow me to give you my money soooo I am mentioning it just in case.

I look forward to hearing from one, or all of you. I hope you have a great week, month, and year, and that everyone you care about are doing well. I hope that you will take this letter for what it is, one person asking for something to be fixed, not an exception and I hope you understand when you keep hearing from me until I can get my two guys through those magical gates. I am a woman on a mission and summer vacation is coming ya’ll. You may reach me by email- or by either one of these phone numbers 516-12, 516-45.

See Ya Real Soon,

Maureen Aucone,


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