Bee Simulator Available Now on Steam

A year after its first release, Bee Simulator is now available on Steam. This beautiful game is perfect for everyone in the family. It is both entertaining and educational, placing real life dangers to the species on a gaming platform. Your child won't know they are learning while they are playing, Grandma, who just watched a documentary on bees, and never plays video games, will be running on over to play co-op mode not even caring that she is breaking one of her coveted rules. Finally Mom and Dad will be happy that for once they will not be asked to buy a Fortnite skin for the millionth time. Instead they can keep their dollars in their bank account, for now, as their child happily decides instead to help protect their hive. EVERYONE WINS.

Everytime it pops on our screen, X’s eyes are instantly drawn to the beautiful graphics, calming music, even before he presses play. Witness this magic yourself during the short video we took talking about the release. He literally could not take his eyes off the screen while we were talking about it. Plus I got a really good jab at him at the end, which is highly entertaining.

*We received a game code in exchange for promotion, however we never publish anything we are not behind 100 percent, and we absolutely adore Bee Simulator, and Steam!


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